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Life Long Insurance

Life Long Insurance provides the level of life insurance you choose for your whole life, as long as you continue making your regular payments. Life cover pays a lump sum to your family or personal representatives when you die.

They can use this lump sum to:

  • help pay off bills or cover the cost of an inheritance tax liability.
  • help cover funeral expenses
  • give your dependants an income when they need it most

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Life Long Insurance might suit if you: Life Long Insurance might not suit  if you:
? Want a guaranteed protection plan for life with payments that don’t change –unless you choose the indexation option X Are looking for flexible payments and the possibility to change your cover in the future
? Can afford regular payments of at least €15 a month. X Are looking for a plan with a cash-in value
? Only need life cover benefits X Want additional benefits on your plan for example, specified illness cover
? Are aged between 18 and 74 X Are not aged between 18 and 74
? Want cover for the rest of your life (because cover is for your whole life, you may pay more for this cover and must continue to make payments even after you retire) X Are looking for a plan that provides cover for a set term or to cover your mortgage (you would prefer to make payments over a shorter period and because it is for a set term, you should pay less for this)


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These life insurance and protection products are provided by Irish life Assurance plc. Irish Life Assurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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