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What emergencies are covered on my Home Rescue policy?

For Home Insurance Customers

An emergency would be classed as an event which results in damage to your home which requires immediate action to make the home safe, secure the building from further damage or protect you against any risk to your health.

Assistance for a number of emergencies are covered under this benefit:

  1. Plumbing and Drainage

Any internal water damage to your home caused by a sudden or unexpected failure of, or damage to, your plumbing and drainage system. For example leaking pipes or blocked drains.

  1. Electrical Supply

The sudden or unexpected failure or breakdown of the electricity supply within your home.

  1. Security and Glazing

The sudden or unexpected failure of or damage to external locks, doors or windows that would make the home unsecure.

  1. Roof

Any damage to your roof caused by storm or fallen trees and branches.

  1. Primary Heating System

The complete failure or breakdown of either the heating and/or hot water supply provided by the primary heating system.

For full details of cover, limits and exclusions, please refer to your policy booklet. Click here to view our current policy booklet.

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