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Home Insurance. But we build it better.

Get a quote today. Now including 24/7 home rescue and repair as standard. Up to 30% no claims bonus discount for 3+ years claims-free.

Protect the building. And everything that's in it.

Memories. Momentos. The music you love. Your photos. The devices that connect you and the family. These are the things that make a house a home. It’s all important. Super important. We know that. So… it makes sense to protect it. And should the worst happen, we include Home Rescue as standard for owner-occupiers so you get help for a home emergency when you need it.   

Terms & Conditions

Home Rescue added as standard to Home Insurance for owner-occupiers only.

If you have an emergency in your home, we will provide a 24 hr, 365-day emergency repair service to secure your home and prevent further damage from occurring. Emergency repairs are defined as “work undertaken by an Approved Contractor to resolve the Emergency by completing a Temporary Repair". A Temporary Repair is one that will resolve an emergency but will need to be replaced by a permanent repair.

Up to 30% no claims bonus discount available for 3 years or more claims-free.

No claims bonus discount applied to base premium, excluding optional extras such as specified or unspecified items risk cover.

New business policies only 

Acceptance criteria, Ts&Cs apply

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We’ll make it as easy as possible. Just fill in our initial online claims form, and if we can sort it out online, we will. Otherwise one of our agents will contact you to talk it through.

Or, if you prefer to speak to someone now, call 01 290 1999.

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Home Rescue: +353 (091) 545 970

Hold on. It gets better.

multi policy

How about a multi policy discount?

If you have a 123 Car Insurance policy we’ll give you a 10% discount on your Home Insurance. Save money by keeping it all under the one roof.


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