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Van Insurance FAQ's

What type of vans do cover?

The Van policy is for Light commercial vehicles. These are vehicles which have a gross vehicle weight or maximum authorised mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes which can be legally driven by a Class B driving licence holder, excluding quad bikes, agricultural vehicles, private cars, and any Tool of Trade. Your vehicle must be registered as a light commercial vehicle (LCV).

What is the excess on my insurance policy?

This is the amount that the policyholder must pay towards a claim. The excess applicable to your policy is stated on your Insurance Schedule.

Is Breakdown assistance included in my Van policy?

Yes. Both our Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft policies include 24 hour Breakdown Assistance, 365 days a year, covering the island of Ireland. To avail of this service please contact 01 832 8358.

Can I transfer my No Claims Bonus if I want to change from a car to a van?

Absolutely, yes. We can arrange to match  the No Claims Bonus you have earned on your private car and transfer this discount to the van if you are not using that No Claims Bonus on any other motor policy.

What is driving of other vans?

Driving of other vans means you are covered to drive someone else’s van on a third party basis, provided the van is not owned by you and you have the owners permission to use the van. This is for the policyholder only who has a full driving licence (other terms & conditions apply see policy booklet).

Is open driving cover available?

No, does not provide open driving cover.

Is my van covered to tow a trailer?

Yes, we will cover you to tow a trailer provided it is a single-axle trailer not exceeding one half tonne unladen weight. You are not covered to tow caravans, mobile homes, trailer tents, boat trailers, and any trailer which incorporates machinery or other equipment.

Is windscreen cover included on my Van insurance policy?

Yes, we will pay for the breakage or repair of glass in the windscreen and windows of your van, including any scratching of the bodywork directly resulting from such breakage, where a claim is processed through our approved windscreen glass repairer. 

What is Full No Claims Bonus and Step Back No Claims Discount protection?

Full No Claim Discount Protection allows you to make one claim within a consecutive three-year period without it affecting your No Claim Discount.

No Claims Discount   No Claims Discount Reduction
Stage 5 on the Discount Scale  Remains at Stage 5 
Stage 4 on the Discount Scale Remains at Stage 4
Stage 3 or less on the Discount Scale Remains at Stage 3

However, if you make a second claim under this Policy during a consecutive 3-year period, Step Back applies, and we will reduce any previously earned No Claims Discount at the next renewal by 3 stages.

Step Back No Claim Discount Protection
If you have a Step back No Claims Bonus protection, and you make a claim within the period of insurance, the No Claims Discount will be reduced by 3 stages at the next renewal as shown below:

No Claims Discount No Claims Discount Reduction
Stage 5 (Maximum) on the Discount Scale Reduced to Stage 2
Stage 4 on the Discount Scale Reduced to Stage 1
Stage 3 or less on the Discount Scale Reduced to Stage 0

How can I pay for the premium?

You can pay for the policy in full by credit card or debit card. We do not offer a direct debit option for van insurance policies.

To get a quote today, you can contact our sales team on (01) 2418536.

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