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Servicing and Maintenance

If you don't keep your car in good condition, you might find yourself paying for it with poorer performance, a lower resale value and an increased risk of breakdown or accident.

If your car is under warranty, never miss a service as this can affect the cover. Maintaining your car may not be exciting but it can pay big dividends in the end.

Good Maintenance Habits

Perhaps the best habit you can get into is checking your car on a regular basis. Daily checks aren't essential but there are certain things that can be done every week to help maintain your car and boost its performance.

When filling up with fuel, check tyre pressures at the same time. The correct pressure will help performance and safety. Don't forget the spare tyre, either.

Get into the habit of checking the battery's water levels and engine coolant along with the windscreen wash.

On a monthly basis, you can:

  • Check the oil in the engine and the level of anti-freeze.
  • Keep your car clean so you can spot any rust patches which will need treating.
  • Check the grip on your tyres and look out for uneven wear - a sign of suspension problems or wheels out of alignment.

If you're setting off on a long trip, make sure you:

  • Check all lights.
  • Inflate tyres to the correct pressure if you're carrying an extra load.
  • Check oil, brake fluid and windscreen wash. If they're low, top them up.

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