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Home Insurance FAQs

What is buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance covers anything that you cannot usually take away with you if you move home. These include the structure of your home, domestic outbuildings, footpaths, boundary walls with any fixtures or fittings such as your kitchen, flooring etc.

How much buildings cover should I have?

You should insure your home for the amount it would cost to rebuild it and not the market value. This is called the re-instatement value. See the Chartered Surveyers website for a guide to the cost of rebuilding here.

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance, as the name implies, covers household goods and items belonging to you, to members of your household and domestic employees permanently residing with you, all in the private house and domestic outbuildings.

How much contents cover should I have?

You should insure your contents for the amount it would cost you to replace them if they were stolen or damaged. Go from room to room and try to estimate what you would spend to replace everything. Don't forget the simple things - your linen, curtains, clothes, make up and sports equipment.

What is accidental damage?

Accidental damage covers accidents that result in damage to or loss of something. For example, a spillage on your carpet or your TV is dropped. Accidental damage to buildings is included as standard on owner occupier Home Insurance while accidental damage cover for contents is an optional extra.

Is accidental damage covered under buildings insurance?

Yes, we offer accidental damage cover as standard under your buildings insurance for owner occupied properties.

Is accidental damage covered under my contents insurance?

You can choose to add accidental damage cover with your contents insurance provided it is for the home in which you live or use as a holiday home.

What is all risks cover?

All risks cover is an optional extra that covers personal effects against loss, damage or theft outside your home. The maximum that will be paid out for any one item is €1,000. If you wish to cover an item over €1,000 value it must be listed in the "Specified" on your policy (just let us know by calling (01) 524 6000). Certain items such as laptops, personal computers, sporting equipment, bicycles, guns, hearing aids, contact lenses, dentures, musical instruments, personal entertainment devices and mobile phones MUST BE LISTED in the "Specified" section REGARDLESS OF VALUE in order to be covered. The excess applying to all risks cover is €150. For details of cover and exclusions please read the policy booklet here.

Do I need a valuation for specified items covered in the all risks section?

We require a valuation form only in the event of a claim.

Is this a new for old policy?

Yes it is, subject to the terms and conditions which you can read here.

Are timber-framed properties covered?

Yes, provided that the manufacturer is registered with the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

What is an "excess"?

The excess is the amount of each claim that you will have to pay for yourself. The standard excess on the policy is €250 however discounts are available should you wish to choose a higher excess of €500 or €1,000. Say, for example, your excess is €250 and you make a claim for €5,000, then you must cover the first €250 yourself. The excess applying to all risks cover is €150. There are some sections of the policy which have different excess amounts. Details can be found in the policy booklet here.

How can I pay for the premium?

  • By credit card or debit card at no extra charge
  • by monthly direct debit - an extra cost applies, details provided at time of quote

Can I see the policy booklet?

Of course - just call us on (01) 524 6000 and we will pop it in the post. Or read it online by clicking here.

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