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Go Green

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Here’s some simple ideas to make your home a little greener and also, a little more economical to run:

  1. Insulate the roof as this is where the vast majority of the heat in your home will be lost.
  2. Only turn the heating on as and when you need it and vary it according to the temperature. But try and keep your home warm enough to avoid burst pipes.
  3. Fit draught excluders on windows. It’s really easy to do and makes an immediate impact.
  4. Only turn on your washing machine when you have a full load which will save power and water.
  5. Insulate your letterbox against draughts.
  6. Turn off any lights you don’t actually need on and use energy efficient bulbs which last much longer.
  7. Bleed your radiators regularly which lets air out of the system and makes it more efficient.
  8. Turn down the water thermostat just a little as we usually have it set far too high.
  9. Recycle as much as you can.
  10. Use more energy efficient electrical items.
  11. Use less water by using a dual flush toilet.
  12. Have a shower rather than a bath and you could save over 300 litres of water a week.
  13. Don’t over-charge your phone – only plug it in when it really needs recharging.
  14. Buy an LCD (liquid crystal display) TV which is much more energy efficient than an older CRT (cathode ray tube) TV.
  15. Don’t leave electrical items on standby as they still use about half the energy used when the appliance is on.

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