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Home Security

Take some measures to improve the security of your home and you’ll not only reduce the risk of a break-in but you’ll also keep down the cost of your home insurance. Here’s some things you can do to beat the burglars:

  1. A number of burglaries occur when thieves enter through an unlocked door or open window so make it a habit to check that you have locked everything when you go out.
  2. Use locks on your windows on your downstairs windows only and never leave the keys in the locks.
  3. If you don’t have one, get an alarm and make sure it is visible as it puts off burglars.
  4. Another good habit to get into is to leave a light on when you go out at night. If you’re going on holiday, use timer plugs on a few lights around the house.
  5. Never leave a spare key in what you think might be a convenient hiding place, such as under the doormat or in a flowerpot – thieves know where to look.
  6. Don’t leave your side gates, sheds or garages open or unlocked. Keep your ladders under lock and key along with any tools that could be used to break into your home.
  7. If you’re going away, don’t leave milk bottles or parcels on your doorstep for too long, or leave mail sticking out of your letterbox. Ask a reliable neighbour to keep an eye on things for you.
  8. Never let valuables be seen from the windows and don’t label your house keys in case you lose them and the wrong person finds them.
  9. Security lighting can help ward off intruders at night. If streetlights are not working on your road, report them to the council.
  10. If you live in an apartment, never ‘buzz’ someone in on behalf of your neighbours if you don’t know who they are. Make sure nobody comes in the main front door behind you either.
  11. If someone says they need to gain entry, to read your meter for example, check their photo identification card first. Put a spy hole into your front door and have a door chain fitted.
  12. If there’s a Neighbourhood Watch scheme operating in your area, join it.

Safety Outdoors

  1. Be careful when you’re outside in the garden. Flowerpots, garden implements and lawnmowers are obstacles that result in a number of accidents every year.
  2. Mowers and their usage can result in accidents (from worn electric cables to running over stones that fly through the air).
  3. People trip over flowerpots all of the time so move them out of the way.
  4. Other things that regularly cause accidents include spades, electric hedge trimmers, plant tubs and troughs, shears, garden forks, hoses and sprinklers and garden canes and sticks. It’s a minefield out there so just look around and move anything that someone might fall over.

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