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At the first sign of a leaking pipe, turn off the water at the main stopcock. This is usually under your kitchen sink or in the garage where the mains supply comes in. If you have a storage tank, you will probably find it nearer to this, perhaps in the airing cupboard or attic.

You probably also have a drain tap which lets you drain your pipes after you have switched off the stopcock.

To prevent leaks, follow these easy tips:

  1. Make sure your water tank and pipes are insulated properly. It’s a relatively easy DIY job to do – you’ll find a ready-made tank jacket for your water tanks (hot and cold) from your local hardware store. Lag your pipes with rubber insulation.
  2. Remember that in winter your central heating not only keeps you warm, it can also help to stop pipes and tanks freezing. You should even keep your heating on a low heat when you leave the house to ensure pipes don’t freeze when you are away.
  3. Pipes can also freeze in cold draughts, so seal draughts in floors and by skirting boards, invest in double-glazing, add draught excluding tape and use draught excluders around doors and letterboxes.
  4. Have your central heating boiler checked regularly and get it serviced every autumn just in case.
  5. Repair dripping taps – this is another easy job to do.

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