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Making a Claim

How does the salvage process work?

For Car Insurance Customers

Following a claim, if your car has been classed as a Write Off, we will organise for you to receive payment equal to the market value immediately before the car was damaged. This payment will not exceed the value you declared to us.

We will advertise the damaged vehicle and get bids for the car from salvage agents. We will then provide you with the details of the salvage agent who gave us the highest bid.

If you choose to go with this salvage offer you will deal directly with this agent. They will need your Vehicle Registration Certificate and they will pay you the agreed salvage amount directly.

You do not have to go with the salvage option that we find for you. If you would like to go with another offer that you have found yourself, the salvage offer that we provided will still be deducted from your claim settlement, as will your policy excess.

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