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Am I covered for business use?

For Car Insurance Customers

If you have class 1 use included on your policy then you can use your car for limited business use. You can check this on the policy details section of your insurance schedule.

It is also indicated on your insurance certificate under limitations as to use. The definition of class 1 use is on the back.

What is class 1 use?

Class 1 use allows you or your spouse to use your car for;

  • Social, domestic & pleasure purposes
  • Commuting to and from your place of work or study
  • Use of the car in connection with your business

It will not cover you for;

  • Carrying goods for hire or reward (e.g. courier or postman)
  • Carrying passengers for hire or reward (e.g. hackney, taxi or chauffeur)
  • Soliciting commercial orders (e.g. sales person on the road)

Essentially, we will cover you for travelling between different offices or for travelling to meet clients outside of your own office.

How do I add this?

If you need to change your policy to class 1 use, you will need to contact our Customer Care team on 01 524 6029 who will give you a quote for this.  Don’t forget to ask for a letter of indemnity if your employer requires one.

For full details of cover, limits and exclusions please refer to your policy pack which was issued to you when you purchased or renewed your policy. Our current policy booklet can be found here.


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