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Am I covered to drive someone else’s car?

For Car Insurance Customers

Driving other motor cars is offered on our Third Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive policies. In general, this benefit is only available to policyholders over 25 with a full licence. However you should check your insurance schedule under the policy details section to confirm if you have this benefit. All cover in this section applies only to the policyholder. You will only be covered for third party loss or damage if you do not have Comprehensive insurance. 
If you do have Comprehensive insurance you will be able to drive another car on a Comprehensive basis once all the requirements are met.

The following conditions apply to any private motor car you are driving under this section:

We will cover the policyholder only under the terms of this policy while you are driving any private motor car with the owner’s permission, providing:
•    The car is not owned by You, Your employer or Your business partner.
•    The car is not hired to You, Your employer or Your business partner under a hire purchase agreement or a leasing agreement.
•    The car is not owned by or in the custody or control of a Motor Trade Business of which You are a member, director or employee.
•    The car is not a car-van with only 2 seats or less, nor a motorcycle nor commercial vehicle of any kind.
•    There is no other policy in force, whether You are the policyholder of that policy or not, that covers Your driving of the car You are driving under this Section.
•    The car is insured under a current policy of insurance in the name of another person who is not Your spouse/partner.
•    You have the owner’s permission to drive the other car.
•    The car is registered, taxed and normally situated in the Republic of Ireland and is compliant with Road Traffic legislation and is the subject of a valid NCT certificate where so required by law.
•    The car is not modified beyond the manufacturer’s standard specification.
•    You still own and insure Your car under this policy and Your car has not been damaged beyond economic repair.  

This cover may not apply to Your Policy. Before driving another car please check Your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

All cover provided is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions listed in your policy pack which was issued to you when you purchased or renewed your policy. Our current policy booklet can be found here

Motor Breakdown Assistance cover does not apply to any car that You may drive under this Section.

We do NOT cover:

Death, illness or bodily injury to the driver of Your Car or a person in charge of Your Car for the purpose of driving.

Death, illness or bodily injury to the driver of any motor vehicle or a person in charge of any motor vehicle for the purpose of driving.

Loss or damage to any trailer or disabled mechanically propelled vehicle, covered by this Policy or to any property carried in or on such trailer or disabled mechanically propelled vehicle.

Loss or damage to property owned by, or in the custody or control of, an Insured Person.

Loss or damage to any motor vehicle or damage to any property sustained in or on such vehicle.

Any Insured Person, if: a) that person does not follow and comply with the terms, conditions any specified Endorsements of this Policy as far as they apply to that person; b) that person is entitled to cover under any other policy.

Any claim or request for assistance under Section 12 - Motor Breakdown Assistance - while You are driving another car.



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