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What is all risks cover?

For Home Insurance Customers

All risks cover is an optional extra on your contents insurance, to cover certain items for loss, damage or theft, when they are outside of the home. This includes worldwide cover for up to 60 days in each policy year.

All risks cover is available to add on for renters and for owner occupied properties.

There are two different types of cover available; specified and unspecified all risks.

Specified all risks

If you have specific items that you take outside the home and are typically valued at more than €1,000 each, you can insure these under specified all risks. Items such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, bicycles and hearing aids, to name a few, will need to be specified on the policy regardless of their value if you want to insure them under this section.

Any items that you have chosen to specify on your policy will be noted in a table in the policy cover details of your insurance schedule, along with their description and value. You have the option to specify up to a maximum of 6 items on your policy.

For specified items, we may request a valuation if making a claim.

Unspecified all risks

If you have a number of personal items that you take outside the home and are valued at less than €1,000 each, you can insure these under unspecified all risks. This cover can be used to insure items such as jewellery, watches, bags or other items that you carry with you regularly without having to insure each one individually.

Don’t forget that certain items must be specified in order to be covered.

If you have selected unspecified all risks, the total value insured will be noted on your insurance schedule in the policy cover details section.

The above is a summary only for full details of cover please refer to your policy pack which was issued to you when you purchased your policy. Our current policy booklet can be found here.

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