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Can I use company car or fleet driving experience on my policy?

For Car Insurance Customers

Yes. You can use company car or named driving experience from a fleet policy with us. You will need to enter it in as named driving experience when getting your quote. 

Motor fleet driving experience is earned if you have been driving on a company policy but were not specifically a named driver (open drive policy). This driving experience must have been earned on a private car and not on a commercial vehicle. 

You will need to provide us with two documents:

  • Letter of driving experience from the insurance company
  • Motor Fleet Declaration Form

Letter of Driving Experience:
This driving experience letter is not automatically issued. Your employer will need to request this from each insurer they were insured with. 

This letter will show that there were no claims reported on the policy in your name. 

Your driving experience must be:

  • Consecutive (i.e. no gaps in cover)
  • Earned within the last 3 months
  • Earned within Ireland or the UK
  • Earned on a private car 

Motor Fleet Declaration Form:
This form must be completed by your employer and stamped with the company stamp. You can download a copy of the form here

As you receive your driving experience letter(s) and motor fleet declaration form, you can send them to us by:

•    Online upload 
•    Email to

Once we have received these (along with any other outstanding documents) and everything is in order, we will issue your insurance cert & disc.  

You will have 10 days from the start of your policy to get the documents to us. If we have not received them by then, a cancellation notice will be issued. 

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