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Making a Change to my Policy

The policyholder has passed away. What do I do now?

For Car Insurance Customers

We would like to extend our sympathies at this time for your loss. If the policyholder has passed away, you can contact our Customer Care team on 01 524 6029 and we will go through the options available to you.

If you have a Car Insurance policy with us, then you will have the following options:

1. Leave the policy active

You have the option to leave the policy on cover until the renewal date. This means that any drivers named on the policy will still be covered to drive the car.

The named drivers will continue to earn named driver experience during this time. 

2. Cancel the policy

If you are the spouse or the executor of the will you can cancel the policy by contacting our Customer Care Team on 01 524 6029.

If you are not the spouse or executor of the will, we will need a copy of the death certificate to cancel the policy. 

If you are the spouse, and you wish to set up a new policy with, we can issue the no claims discount in your name. Otherwise we can send you a letter of named driving experience.

For Home Insurance Customers

If you have a home policy with us:

We will need to collect the following information from you: 

  • Name and contact number
  • Relationship to the policyholder
  • Contact details for the solicitor looking after the probate
  • If the house is occupied and if so, by who

If the policy was held in two names, we can keep the policy on cover in the name of the joint policyholder.

Once probate is complete, the policy can be cancelled and reset up in the name of the new legal owner.

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